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m e n o c a r e


Concept, Choreography & Performance

Lisanne Goodhue


Installation, Sound, Room

Lisanne Goodhue

Sound engineer

Shani Breton

Camera & Editing

Harumi Terayama and Jubal Battisti


Marc Coudrais



ICI - CCN Montpellier​

Master exerce



full performance here

"Le corps est une matière particulièrement efficace pour discipliner les esprits."


(Elsa Dorlin author, philosopher, teacher Paris 8 University, podcast Où sont les casseuses, Les couilles sur la table, décembre 2018)

"The body is a particularly efficient matter in order to discipline the spirits."

menocare reports an unplanned event of my personal life and attempts to use intimate story to a universal concern.


The end of my romantic relationship and my subjectivity as an individual in the political and social context of 2019 triggers the work. I attempt to contextualize my female body in the larger landscape of this particular year, but also in my personal life. My body acts as a filter to read many of my political and emotional contradictions.


By diverse manipulations of a 20-meter rope, (repetitive throwing, using it as a 3D pencil in the space, a) I try to understand different aspects of my need for expression of violence and anger within my female-identifying body and, furthermore, what could come after.

full performance here

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