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d'humeur vitrée - l'exposition


Concept, Choreography & Performance

Lisanne Goodhue


Drawings, Room Installation

Lisanne Goodhue

Sound proposition

Ganaelle Maury


Clarissa Baumann



Clarissa Baumann

Lisanne Goodhue



Master exerce, ICI - CCN Montpellier Occitanie Pyrénées/Méditerannée

La Menuiserie - Mathilde Monnier, Macadam, La Halle Tropisme, Montpellier, France​



During the "d'humeur vitrée" research period in June 2020 at La Menuiserie - Mathilde Monnier, in Montpellier,

I invested my practice of drawing as a physical extension of the scores for the eyes.

see my residency interview here

humeur vitrée [French]

L'humeur vitrée est une masse gélatineuse transparente et sans couleur qui remplit l'espace situé entre le cristallin et la membrane de la rétine située sur la face postérieure de l'œil. Il est présent dès la naissance et ne se modifie pas avec l'âge, tout le long de la vie. (wikipedia source)

vitrious humour [Eng.] 

the transparent gelatinous tissue filling the eyeball behind the lens. 

The vitreous humour (also known simply as the vitreous) is a clear, colourless fluid that fills the space between the lens and the retina of your eye. 99% of it consists of water and the rest is a mixture of collagen, proteins, salts and sugars. Despite the water-to-collagen ratio, the vitreous has a firm jelly-like consistency. (


d'humeur vitrée

As the continuation of my research in the field of visual art, and dance, both in their methodologies and their performances contexts, I invest the sense of vision/sight as a crossover between both media.

For "d'humeur vitrée", the eye becomes an active organ, a catalyst for movement, sensing and feeling. The eye as a kind of social interface between the performer and the audience members, a membrane where intern and externs sensory stimuli meet. The concept from d'humeur vitrée emerged from the Corona Lockdown period, where the eyes became my way to connect socially to others.

Through the solo, I activate 8 scores for the eyes I created between 2018-2020 and invest their social and abstract potential. Find the scores here

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