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since 2009

Grapeshade collective


Klaus Janek: Double bass

Biliana Vouchtkova: violin, voice

Ingo Reulecker: dance, voice

Lisanne Goodhue(2015): dance, voice


soun Dance Festival,

Dock 11, Berlin


filmed by Yoann Trellu


Grapeshade is an improvisation collective dedicated to expanding the relationship between music/sound, dance/movement improvisation, and real time composition, developing in site specific approach. The group searches the balance between all those elements where neither the music nor the dance takes the lead role eliminating the usual tendency of one becoming an accompaniment.


Based in Berlin, Grapeshade started performing and exploring small alternative spaces in the city since 2009, among those are Sowieso, Ausland, Farbfernseher, Ms Hecker, Exploratorium, Quite Cue, Wendel, Galerie Mazzoli, Lichtblick Kino, LaborGras. 

Grapeshade shared continuously their work with the music and dance followers in informal settings making most of their gatherings public, developed strong interest for site specific performances and started touring (Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Turkey), performed in a natural cave, old water tower, billiard hall, movie theater, bookshop, on stage at Radial System V, outdoors at Tempelhof, also at the Elias Canetti Center and the Watertower Festival in Bulgaria with support from the Goethe Institut. 

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