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Concept, Choreography & Performance

Lisanne Goodhue


Installation, Sound, Room

Lisanne Goodhue

Sound engineer

Shani Breton

Camera & Editing

Harumi Terayama and Jubal Battisti


Marc Coudrais



ICI - CCN Montpellier​

Master exerce



"Le corps est une matière particulièrement efficace pour discipliner les esprits."


(Elsa Dorlin author, philosopher, teacher Paris 8 University, podcast Où sont les casseuses,

Les couilles sur la table, décembre 2018)

"The body is a particularly efficient matter in order to discipline the spirits."​


In the midst of the French Gilets Jaunes movement, menocare takes up the words of feminist author Elsa Dorlin, in which she questions the visual representation, or even the lack of visual representation in the media, of women displaying aggression in public space. menocare evolves in a fragmented architecture around a wild body and uses the crack left open by a break-up in love. The body acts as a mediator to counteract a sexist social discipline. Using a 40-meter black rope, the female body demonstrates brutality, effort, and sweat, in close proximity to the audience. The gesture of 'throwing' catalyzes the physical research and is invested as physical material to observe the shock, the fall, and the aftermath of the collapse.​


menocare reports an unplanned event in my personal life and attempts to use an intimate story to a universal concern. The end of a romantic relationship and my subjectivity as an individual in the political and social context of 2019 triggers the work. I attempt to contextualize my female body in the larger landscape of this particular year, but also in my personal life. My body acts as a filter to read many of my political and emotional contradictions.


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