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the way to do it 


Concept, Choreography & Performance

Lisanne Goodhue


Installation, Room

Lisanne Goodhue

Camera & Editing

Walter Bickmann - Tanzforum Berlin


Produced by

Ada-Studio Berlin 2017

Berlin Lake Studio 2019

the way to do it is a project by choreographer/performer Lisanne Goodhue. The solo is part of my bigger research exploring ways to highlight the invisible mechanisms of theatre.


In the way to do it, the body is the crossing point between a repetitive score and objects found in the given/performance room. The score is built around clear directed actions, from which emerge a cyclical structure that enhances different levels of abstraction.


The score of  the way to do it  as the following:

1 - The tape

2 - The curtain slide

3 - The chairs

4 - Tracing the space

5 - The spectator


the way to do it involves absurd humour and wonders if this can be a point of entry for audience engagement. The solo reveals elements that are normally displayed during a performance, but invisible. I am addressing the dynamics of theatre settings and I attempt to offer a different perspective on few performative elements such as chairs, lights, podesterie, masking tape, rope, entrance doors, the welcome carpet, the attitude of spectators during the performance, etc. the way to do it is a study on how to give attention to the unsaid rules of the theatre. With this series of actions, I am observing the agency I have to change the physical look of a room, how the meeting with the room can change me, and how this can eventually offer the audience to look and behave in a performative room differently.


In terms of the choreographic structure, I am looking at ways to construct a cycle that can be understood by the audience as common knowledge, or as a game that can be revealed to the audience by the performer. The repetitive cycle allows a template for modulation and various level of abstraction.



the way to do it was presented in April 2017 at Ada-Studio, in the frame of 10 times 6, curated by Gabi Beier. A 20 minutes version was presented 19-20 of August at Ada-Studio in the frame of Nah-Dran evenings.



See here 6 minutes version presented in the frame of 10 times 6, Ada-Studio, Uferstudio 2017

Concept: Lisanne Goodhue

Performer: Michael Shapira​

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