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Upcoming dates


dance creation

lisanne goodhue


October 11th / 20:30

Le Pacifique Grenoble, Fr.

reservation here

Teaching Sweaty training

October 2-6


registration here

Première 2024

May - Glassbox Sud, Montpellier

December - Grand Huit, Nantes

L'interface , L'organisme, Montreal, Can. - digital residency  

in the garden

garden installation - dance performance

Laura Kirshenbaum


October 1st / 14:30 + 17:30

Le Dancing, Dijon, France

reservation here

dance performance

Julia B.Laperrière

Première - Nov. 30th 2023

+ shows Dec 1-2-3

venue to be annonced, Berlin

rehearsal footage - research for 'closure' together with dancer Mei Bao rehearsal sound : excerpt of 'endurance' by Peachlyfe

Physical research/ practices : activating eyes practices - gazing - looking - tracing

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